IT Solutions

Page One Technologies is a leading managed IT and network solution provider. We handle a broad range of clients, from the public to the private sector, delivering business solutions through the provision of IT services. Are moving business location but not sure what systems to put in place? Page One Technologies have the knowledge on all technology types, from standard in-office workstations and servers, to mobile data and communications. We can set-up all the latest technology products and teach you on how to use them.

Basic Maintenance

Designed for small businesses that require very minimal ongoing support for their computer infrastructure but would like peace of mind in knowing that the day-to-day operation of their server is being monitored to ensure it stays error free.

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Advanced Protection

Extends basic maintenance by ensuring that your systems are kept ip to date with the latest fixes and security patches, aswell as ensuring the continued operation is at optimal performance.

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Advanced Protection +

Aimed at large businesses that are serious about the continued operation of their network infrastructure. It aims to provide immediate response to technical problems. It contains the benefits of the first two levels but with the added advantage of remote support. This give us instant access to your server and workstations so we can carry out many operations remotely.

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